Omitron awarded task order for instrument systems engineering support for the TESS mission

TESS is an explorer-class planet finder mission scheduled to be launched on a Falcon-9 in 2017 that will perform an all-sky transit survey identifying planets ranging from Earth-sized to gas giants. Under the task order, Omitron supports integration and test of the science instrument through development and implementation of instrument verification and validation tests, with focus on electrical and data interfaces between the spacecraft and instrument. Another key function of this task is defining the instrument’s fault detection and correction plan, and verifying implementation of this plan through scenario and requirement based testing.

During its two-year mission, TESS will perform an all-sky transit survey to monitor the brightness of more than 200,000 stars and search for temporary drops in brightness caused by planetary transits, with the goal of identifying small planets with bright host stars that provide the best targets for follow up planetary and atmospheric characterization.