Mission Engineering & Operations

Mission Engineering

Omitron is experienced in the entire mission project lifecycle, from operations concepts and requirements definition, through design, implementation, test, deployment, operations and sustaining engineering. Our highly-qualified staff brings a diverse skill set with expertise to ensure mission success.

Primary mission engineering services include:

  • Requirements Definition and Management
  • Space and Ground Mission Systems Engineering
  • Verification and Validation
  • Training and Certification
  • Simulations and Rehearsals

Mission Operations

Omitron has over two decades of mission operations experience and has provided flight operations to HST, Swift, Fermi, DSCOVR, RRM, and Raven.

Our support to missions includes the pre-launch mission operations development and testing, launch and commissioning operations, normal operations, and anomaly support/contingency operations. Pre-launch support includes ground system testing, integration and test support, development and verification of operations products, plans, and procedures, flight operations team training and certification, and mission readiness testing, simulations and rehearsals.  Post-launch operations cover mission planning and scheduling, flight dynamics, telemetry and command, monitoring and analysis, and automation support for robust, 24×7 continuous operations.

Omitron provides operations of the NASA Flight Dynamics Facility (FDF) including support to Earth Science Missions, Space Science Missions, Human Space Flight (HSF), Expendable Launch Vehicles (ELVs), International Space Station (ISS), and visiting vehicles.