IT Services

IT Services

Omitron provides Information Technology services to address the challenges of delivering and maintaining secure, robust systems.  Our IT services include:

Information Security

Omitron is experienced in providing tailored IT security solutions and services to ensure compliance and protection of mission critical assets. Our Information Security services include:

      • System Security Assessments
      • Design and Implementation of Secure Infrastructure
      • Control Implementation and Oversight
      • Compliance with Federal Laws, Mandates, and Guidelines
      • Vulnerability Scanning and Remediation
      • System Hardening
      • Compliance Reviews and Guidance
      • Incident Reporting and Handling
      • Penetration Testing
      • Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation

Omitron provides Cybersecurity and IT Services for NASA’s Space Network, Flight Dynamics Facility, and Earth Sciences Division in support of institutional space mission operations activities.

System Administration

Omitron provides experienced and reliable Microsoft Windows, Unix, and Linux system administration as well as network administration. Industry standard commercial and open source tools are utilized to monitor and maintain the computing environment on a 24 x 7 basis. In addition to providing customers with a reliable, safe, and secure environment for IT infrastructure, our system administrators are focused on  project success from inception through ongoing operations. Our System Administration services include:

      • System and server builds
      • Redundancy planning and implementation
      • Domain design and implementation
      • Access design and implementation
      • Remote support engineering
      • GPO implementation
      • Software configurations
      • System security hardening and patching
      • User management
      • System monitoring and troubleshooting

Network Engineering

Whether a project is contemplating an entirely new network, or changes are needed in an existing network, we design and build crafted WAN and LAN solutions that are robust and cost efficient to maintain. Omitron selects and implements an appropriate topological design based on current and long-term requirements, and ongoing operations and maintenance costs. Our Network Engineering services include:

      • Network design and layout
      • LAN/WAN/VLAN architecture
      • Firewall implementation
      • Switch/router configuration
      • Traffic monitoring
      • Dataflow control
      • Redundancy planning and implementation

Software Development and Integration

Omitron provides innovative software solutions to complex engineering and operational challenges for the space and intelligence markets. We design, develop and deliver software solutions employing the cultural philosophies and best practices prescribed by the CMMI, DevOps, and Agile frameworks. We leverage our processes along with our expertise with COTS/GOTS and open source software, and reuse of reference architecture applications to lower costs and promote customer engagement. Through this cost-conscious approach, we deliver services that effectively integrate people, processes, and technologies to provide mission critical systems and solutions to civil and military space programs.

Omitron is a CMMI Level 2 organization with highly-skilled software engineers who are dedicated to mission success. We embrace the best-of-breed technologies of today, for continued success for tomorrow. Our Software Development and Integration services include:

      • Custom software design and development
      • Real-time application development
      • Web development
      • System integration
      • COTS and GOTS integration and configuration
      • System modernization and consolidation
      • Test planning and execution
      • System verification and validation
      • Software maintenance
      • Technical research and analysis


Sustaining Engineering

Omitron performs Sustaining Engineering services to maintain mission systems and ensure robust operations throughout their operational life. Our services include:

    • Hardware and software maintenance
    • Continued patching and updating of systems to maintain system security posture
    • End of Life mitigation planning
    • Technology refresh planning, implementation, and testing/verification
    • System troubleshooting and quick response time to restore operations in a timely manner