Ground Systems Development & Integration

Ground Systems  / Mission Operations Centers          

Omitron is experienced in delivering low-cost, robust satellite ground systems solutions based upon proven products, technologies, and approaches. Omitron’s ground system solutions feature highly-automated satellite Mission Operations Centers built upon reliable COTS, GOTS, and custom software components. Our capabilities include complete ground system development and integration services encompassing the entire project life cycle. Our reference architecture model for Mission Operations Centers (MOCs) allows for highly reusable tailored solutions designed to reduce lifecycle mission costs.

Omitron has developed and integrated ground systems to include:

  • Telemetry and Command
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Flight Dynamics Systems
  • Science and Housekeeping Data Processing
  • Trending and Analysis
  • Data Archive
  • Automation and Monitoring

Omitron built MOCs for Swift, Fermi, DSCOVR, ICESat-2, and the Goddard Satellite Servicing Control Center (GSSCC) for the Robotic Refueling Missions 1-3 (RRM) and Raven missions, and is currently developing the STPSat-6 Satellite Operations Center and the PACE MOC.

Flight Proven Mission Operations Centers

  • NASA: Swift, Fermi, ICESat-2
  • Goddard Satellite Servicing Control Center: RRM, Raven

Air Force Space Test Program

Omitron was recently tapped to develop an EGS compatible satellite operations center for the DoD Space Test Program (STP) STPSat-6 spacecraft, a research and development demonstration mission. The mission of STPSat-6 is to provide a space vehicle to operate at a near-geostationary (GEO) orbit over CONUS that will host a total of nine payloads.