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Systems Engineering
Omitron offers a highly-qualified staff of systems engineers who have experience in all aspects of ground and flight system implementation and operation. Omitron's proven record of technical excellence has contributed significantly to the success of a wide variety of projects and missions since 1984. Omitron's skilled team of System Engineers is committed to creatively applying their knowledge, experience and energy to support our clients. Our system engineering capabilities include:

Requirements assessment & definition
Operations concept development
Ground system design
Interface control documentation
System specifications
System reliability studies
Requirements verification & validation
Spacecraft/ground system I&T
Training & certification
Mission Readiness
Peer Reviews
Schedule Development
Cost-benefit analysis
System/component trade-off studies
Risk assessment/management
Fault Management Analysis
Configuration Management

The experience and lessons learned gained through a myriad of collaborations have broadened Omitron's expertise and provided us with the optimal skill sets to fully support the unique needs of our customers. Omitron has extensive experience in managing interfaces between multiple ground system and flight elements and in merging disparate mission components seamlessly into a functional whole. The breadth of the Omitron team's expertise grants us the flexibility to provide engineering support for any phase of a project, from concept development to execution and implementation.

Omitron specializes in developing the most cost effective means to achieve systems engineering and mission analysis needs while meeting performance, cost and schedule requirements and minimizing system risk. Future space missions demand innovative and creative approaches in order to comply with a rapid procurement process and reduced budgets. Omitron offers the right balance of mission operations and ground system development experience to provide quality project management and systems engineering to space mission programs.

Highlights of Recent System Engineering Work

Space Network Ground Systems Sustainment Omitron provided systems engineering and subject matter expertise for the Space Network (SN) Ground Segment Sustainment Project (SGSS) with a focus on Service Management (SM), Fleet and Ground Management (FGM) with regard to the interface to the Space Network Expansion (SNE), and Maintenance Training Facility (MTF) elements.
Fermi (GLAST) Omitron provided systems engineering support to the Fermi project to oversee the design and implementation of the ground system for the Fermi mission operations center at GSFC and for the development of the flight operations team. Omitron provided systems engineers for mission planning, flight dynamics analysis, and requirements definition, implementation, and verification.
Department of Defense Programs Omitron has provided a myriad of analysis and engineering services to various Air Force contracts, including Integrated Space Command and Control (ISC2) contract, AFSPC Space Control contract, System Engineering and Sustainment Integrator (SENSOR) contract, United States Strategic Command Systems and Mission Support (USAMS) II contract and various small studies and analysis contracts. Omitron has extensive expertise and experience in analysis and operational approaches to Space Situational Awareness (SSA), Space Surveillance and Space Control, and modeling and simulation of the Space Surveillance Network (SSN). Services provided include: Project Management, Requirements definition, Aerospace engineering, Software and system sustainment planning, Systems engineering, Training, Software development, Operations, Studies, analysis and rapid prototyping.
Swift Omitron provided systems engineering support to the Swift project to oversee the design and implementation of the ground system for the Swift mission operations center at Penn State University and for the development of the flight operations team.
Hubble Space Telescope Omitron provided lead responsibility for the system engineering and development of the Hubble Space Telescope Vehicle Electrical System Test Facility (VEST) and provides leadership for HST integration and test, flight software test and mission operations support. This support includes ground system release testing, system level and operations acceptance testing of flight software updates, and 24/7 mission operation support for Hubble.
JSC IT Security Omitron provided IT security engineering for the Mission Control Center (MCC) at Johnson Space Center, along with other related NASA systems and interfaces. Services included strategic planning, concept development, requirements and design analysis, and risk assessment.
STEREO Omitron provided systems engineering support to the STEREO project at APL, with primary responsibilities focusing on observatory contingency planning, generation of STEREO Contingency Handbook, presentation of STEREO Contingency Operations at FOR, and on-console support as spacecraft Contingency Officer during L&EO. Other systems engineering responsibilities included review/analysis of Safety Data Package submissions, I&T and ETE test program evaluation, Observatory mission rehearsal planning and coordination and operations training, and coordination of USSTRATCOM launch support for STEREO mission.
Space Environment Testbed Omitron was responsible for the identification, documentation and implementation of operations concepts and requirements. Omitron participated in carrier design and trade studies; definition and implementation of the SET Ground Data System; evaluation of carrier capabilities, Host Spacecraft resources and experiment requirements.

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