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Network Engineering
Network Design

Whether a project is contemplating an entirely new network or changes are needed in an existing network, we design and build crafted WAN and LAN solutions that are robust and cost efficient to maintain. Omitron selects and implements an appropriate topological design based on current and long term requirements, and ongoing operations and maintenance costs.

System Administration

Omitron provides experienced and reliable Microsoft Windows, Unix, and Linux system administration as well as network administration. Industry standard commercial and open source tools are utilized to monitor and maintain the computing environment on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis. In addition to providing you with a reliable, safe, and secure environment for your IT infrastructure, our system administrators are focused on your projects success from inception through ongoing operations.

Inventory Management

Omitron has significant experience installing, configuring, training, and operating Symantec's Altiris inventory management suite. Omitron has successfully employed Altiris software to aid in the management, statusing, and control of large complex network systems. Omitron has tailored the configuration of Altiris to optimize government security auditing, ST&E and data call reporting, and network systems inventory management. Omitron is also experienced in developing custom applications that interact with and improve the capabilities of the Altiris. Among these applications is the SADIE network diagram display tool.

Highlights of Recent Network Design, System Administration,
and Inventory Management Work

Fermi (GLAST) Omitron designed and implemented the network used for the Fermi Mission Operations Center (MOC). The network consists of several subnets that are extensions of various NASA subnets each with varying levels of security.

Omitron also provides all network administration services for the MOC.

NESDIS Ground System Schematics Under the NESDIS Ground System Schematics contract, Omitron provided system administration services for the Polar Imaging Display Engineering System (PIDES).

Also under this contract, Omitron developed and operates the Satellite Ground System inventory Information system (SGSIIS) and integrated Altiris derived inventory data into the System Architecture Diagram Interactive Explorer (SADIE) tool.

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