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Mission Readiness Testing and Simulation
Omitron has a lengthy resume with many years of experience in Mission Readiness Testing and Simulations. We understand the criticality of thorough and extensive readiness testing of the mission elements in component, inter-element or End-To-End level testing as well as in a live operations environment during simulations. Proper preparation and validation of all mission resources, from hardware to personnel, is a prerequisite for successful execution post-launch.

Mission Readiness Testing

Mission Readiness Tests (MRTs) are a critical component in mission preparedness. Omitron engineers have extensive experience in both designing and executing MRTs which will validate the functionality of the ground and flight elements. MRTs are often utilized to provide verification of mission and component requirements. Omitron provides both Systems Engineering and FOT support for MRTs.


While MRTs predominantly exercise the physical components of the mission architecture, simulations are invaluable for ensuring the operational preparedness of the mission personnel. Operations-oriented simulations are designed to stress and assess the operators' decision making process and inter-facility communications while providing operations interface procedure and activity plan validation. Simulations exercise both situational awareness and contingency resolution skills. Omitron engineers work with mission elements to develop and implement simulation scenarios and plans that will exercise and validate the preparedness of the integrated team to support the mission. Omitron engineers have experience with operating and maintaining mission simulators to increase realism and fidelity of the operational exercise. All Omitron FOT members are also significantly involved in the execution of mission simulations, a key component of the operator certification process.

Highlights of Recent Mission Readiness and Testing Work

Fermi (GLAST) The Omitron operations and engineering team supported the mission readiness effort with planning and execution of Mission Readiness Testing, mission simulations, and simulator scenario generation and verification.
Swift The Omitron operations and engineering team supported the Swift mission readiness effort with planning and execution of Mission Readiness Testing and simulations.
Hubble Space Telescope Omitron coordinated, executed and documented command and telemetry testing with all Hubble GN and USN sites (MILA, Wallops, Santiago, Hawaii and Dongara). Simulation support included both internal simulations at GSFC, and Joint Integrated Simulation support with Houston. Omitron supported all simulations as lead Ground System Managers (GSM). The GSM team provided oversight of all ground systems and networks for Hubble, and acted as the primary interface with Houston, GSFC and the Space Network on all interface issues. Preparation for simulations included trainings and preparation of personnel.
STEREO Omitron supported the STEREO mission readiness effort with I&T and End-to-End test program evaluation, observatory mission rehearsal planning and coordination, and operations training.
Hitchhiker/ASP Omitron had lead responsibility for providing astronaut and Flight Operator training, for planning, directing and supporting mission simulations, and for chairing a Hitchhiker Mission Readiness Team comprised of Ground Data System (GDS) support elements. Omitron participated in planning and execution of MRTs. Omitron also negotiated the first time implementation and utilization of Shuttle digital TV at GSFC during the STS-107 shuttle mission, including the generation of the test plans and requirements for the digital TV implementation.

Ensure Mission Success
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