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Ground System Development & Integration
Omitron is experienced in delivering low-cost, robust ground systems solutions based upon proven products, technologies, and approaches. Omitron's ground system solutions feature highly-automated satellite mission operation centers built upon reliable COTS, GOTS, and custom software components. Our capabilities include complete ground system development and integration services encompassing the entire project life cycle. Most recently among our ground system experience, Omitron provided the complete mission operation centers for NASA's Swift and Fermi (GLAST) science missions.

Omitron operations center solutions have included a full variety of ground system functions including:

Telemetry & Command Systems
Automation Controllers
Anomaly Notification Systems
Centralized Message Viewing/Analysis Systems
Flight Dynamics Systems

Command Sequence Builders
On-board Storage Management System
Schedule Development
Data Trending & Analysis Systems
Product Distribution Systems
Mission Timeline Management Tools

Modularity & Adaptability

The Omitron operations center solution is not complete design, but rather a design framework that allows modularity, adaptability, and scalability. The specific components used within the framework are selected to meet the specific needs of each mission. Omitron adheres to strict systems engineering practices for designing system architectures and selecting individual components. For each new system Omitron performs trade studies to determine the best components and designs. With Omitron's experience, such components may be provided as part of a complete end-to-end system, or as individual components in a stand-alone environment or augmenting existing systems.


Omitron specializes in delivering operation centers with a high-level of process automation. Using the Omitron proprietary AMAC software for automated process control, our designs allow for operational cost savings by reducing staffing needs. Omitron's capabilities included flight-proven automated solutions for:

Pass Control
Housekeeping and Science Data Processing
Data Quality Statistics Generation
Data Accounting & Reporting

Data Archiving
Spacecraft and Ground System Anomaly Detection & Response
Component Failovers
Alert Notification of On-call Operations Staff

Network Design

Omitron's advanced operation center solutions feature the latest in high-availability and fully redundant network architectures designed to maximize robustness, flexibility, and security. Omitron is experienced with multi-subnet network designs integrating with multiple NASA networks with differing security levels. Omitron's ground system networks are fully compliant with NASA Program Requirements 2810.1.

Additional Capabilities

Omitron ground system designs have featured additional innovation such as flexible workstation function assignments to provide robust operations and utilization of GMSEC bus architectures for simplified component integration and support of evolving operations concepts. Omitron also has experience performing technology refresh studies, RMS analyses, and upgrades of individual components as well as entire ground systems.

Highlights of Recent Ground System Work

Fermi (GLAST) Omitron designed and implemented ground system for Fermi (GLAST) mission operations center at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. The ground system is comprised of COTS, GOTS, and custom developed software supporting various ground functions such as:
  • Telemetry and control
  • Science & housekeeping Data processing
  • Command load generation
  • Mission planning
  • Flight Dynamics
  • Data archive
  • Trending & Analysis
ISC2/SSAFE Omitron developed the Astrodynamics Workstation (ASW) and was the core developer on the Information Systems Security Certifications Consortium (ISC2) contract to develop SSAFE.
Swift Omitron designed and implemented ground system for Swift mission operations center at Penn State University. The ground system is comprised of COTS, GOTS, and custom developed software supporting various ground functions such as:
  • Telemetry and control
  • Data processing
  • Command load generation
  • Mission planning
  • Data archive
  • Trending & Analysis
NESDIS Ground System Schematics Omitron coordinated the procurement, installation, and deployment of the PIDES image data processing system and periodically provides custom enhancement add-ons.
Hubble Space Telescope Omitron lead responsibility for the system engineering, software design, and development effort for the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Vehicle Electrical System Test (VEST) facility.

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