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Flight Operations
Omitron retains extensive expertise in all facets of mission flight operation services. Omitron Flight Operations Team (FOT) engineers are currently supporting the Hubble, Swift, and Fermi (GLAST) missions. In addition, Omitron provides operational support for North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and United States Space Command (USSPACECOM) missions within Cheyenne Mountain.

Omitron flight operations services encompass all areas of mission operation support in both pre- and post-launch phases. Services include:


  • Operations concept development
  • Operations products development (command scripts, telemetry pages, configuration monitors, operating procedures)
  • Training & certification
  • Independent ground system acceptance testing
  • Ground readiness testing & spacecraft end-to-end testing
  • Mission timeline planning & event scripting
  • Mission simulations & rehearsals


  • On-console real-time activity support
  • On-orbit verification testing
  • Off-line trending & engineering analysis
  • Remote system monitoring
  • Anomaly response, investigation & resolution

Omitron employs a defined and structured approach to flight operations that ensures the highest quality of support and care of valuable mission assets. Omitron staffs each Flight Operations Team with experienced engineers who possess an understanding of space mission systems and who can add their unique experiences to the broad knowledge-base of the entire team.

Omitron requires that each FOT member cross-train and achieve certification on all operations center systems and flight segment subsystems. This approach ensures smooth operation throughout all mission phases, allows total team involvement in working issues, and promotes personal growth for team members. FOT members interact openly and coordinate activities with all external entities to ensure a proper balance between risk and performance and to ensure mission objectives are realized.

Our engineers possess decades of experience in both space science and earth science missions comprised of both geostationary and low earth orbiting satellites. Omitron also maintains extensive experience in manned space flight operations after providing operations director support for over 20 Attached Shuttle Payloads comprised of over 100 experiments.

Highlights of Recent Flight Operations Work

Fermi (GLAST) Omitron engineers lead and supplement the core flight operations team used for pre-launch, launch and early orbit, and normal operations phases.
ISC2/SSAFE Omitron provides operations support for JSpOC for space safety/protection.
Swift Omitron supplies the core flight operations team used for pre-launch, launch and early orbit, and normal operations phases.
Hubble Space Telescope Omitron engineers provide key flight operations support for routine HST operations as well as augmented support for servicing missions.
Hitchhiker/ASP Omitron was responsible for flight operations support for over 100 Attached Shuttle Payload flight experiments—from relatively simple Get Away Special (GAS) payloads to complex secondary and primary Shuttle Payloads.
Space Environment Testbed Omitron provided lead flight operations support for the Space Environment Testbed (SET) project, including identification, documentation and implementation of operations concepts and requirements.

Ensure Mission Success
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