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Flight Dynamics Systems, Modeling, and Analysis
Omitron offers flight dynamics systems, modeling, and analysis services using today's most advance tools. Accurately modeling a system's physical attributes, emulating external environment influences, and simulating specific scenarios is often a necessary first step toward performing complex analyses. This type of analysis is especially important in the aerospace industry where modeling and simulation are required because actual experimentation and testing are often impractical or impossible. Omitron's core modeling & analysis competencies include the following:

GPS Position Data Filtering
Precision Orbit Determination
Force Model Studies
Attitude Modeling
Coverage Analysis

Atmospheric Drag & Orbit Decay Predications
Contact Time Analysis
Science Yield Analysis
Conjunction Assessment

Our astrodyamic modeling and analysis capabilities have been used to formulate and define mission concepts, support mission analyses, and develop specialized flight dynamics tools. Using data either derived from in-house developed models or provided by external sources, Omitron engineers leverage their analytical capabilities to perform studies on a wide-variety of problems for our customers. Omitron's aerospace engineers and flight dynamicists are skilled in the specialized engineering practices and mathematics required to perform complex dynamic analyses for the aerospace industry.

Omitron is also experienced in development of flight dynamics tools and systems to support mission operations. Our engineers and software developers possess the skills and expertise to develop robust, accurate flight dynamics systems with flight-proven mission success.

Highlights of Recent Flight Dynamics Work

  • Provided and assessment of future system impact on the 14th Air Force Space Situational Awareness (SSA) mission
  • Supported Space Situational Awareness (SSA)
    • Precision catalog satellite catalog performance studies
    • Event processing support
    • Data fusion
    • NetCentric operations
  • Developed the Astrodynamics Support Workstation (ASW)
    • Used operationally by 14th Air Force as the core of the SSA mission
    • Key component of the Space Situation Awareness Foundational Enterprise (SSAFE)
  • Core developers on Information Systems Security Certifications Consortium (ISC2) contract to develop SSAFE
    • High speed computing environment
    • NetCentric
    • Maintained both the High Accuracy Catalog and a derived General Perturbations (GP) Catalog (Extrapolation DC)
      • Basis for satellite tracking, conjunction assessment, maneuver detection, and all related orbital products on the complete space catalog
      • Foundation for event processing (launch, breakups, etc.)
Fermi (GLAST)
  • Developed the Fermi (GLAST) Flight Dynamics System
    • Mission supporting flight dynamics system built upon the capabilities of AGI's Satellite Toolkit suite of products.
    • The FDS includes:
      • GPS orbit determination
      • High-precision orbit propagation
      • Orbit events product generation
      • Attitude-dependent TDRSS contact scheduling
      • Solid state recorder modeling
  • Provided analyses of possible attitude-dependant contact time for various SRR management, TDRS loading, and data latency studies.
  • Provided analyses of spacecraft performance for bus manufacturer requirement validation.
  • Provided attitude planning for on-orbit verification testing.
  • Swift Flight Dynamics System
    • Mission supporting flight dynamics system built upon the capabilities of AGI's Satellite Toolkit
    • The FDS includes:
      • High-precision orbit propagation
      • Orbit events product generation
  • Provided validation and troubleshooting assistance of the on-board flight software orbit propagator.

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