System Architecture Diagram Interactive Explorer (SADIE)

System Architecture Diagram Interactive Explorer (SADIE)
The System Architecture Diagram Interactive Explorer (SADIE) is a web-based system for organizing and displaying system architectural diagrams and other architecture information.

SADIE addresses the challenges that arise as a large, complex system undergoes routine change and growth over its lifetime. Maintaining accurate system configuration information is often difficult for many reasons. System architecture diagrams are often dispersed throughout various documents, inconsistent in style and format, and not updated as system evolves. Documentation associated with system hardware is retained in library repositories. Configuration management and inventory data is held with the databases of various tools.

SADIE brings together system architectural configuration information into one system and makes it readily accessible to users.

SADIE systems have been developed for NOAA’s GOES, POES, DMSP, and COSMIC satellite ground systems and also for NASA’s Space Network relay satellite communication system.

Key Features

  • Manages system diagrams, photos, documentation, and data
  • Interactive navigation that organizes diagrams hierarchically, makes them inter-linkable
  • Intuitive interface with fast access to system data
  • Powerful data and diagram search capabilities
  • Internal change request system
  • Integration with the databases of external configuration and asset management systems


SADIE Uses and Benefits

To system maintainers, operators, and administrators, SADIE is a fast and convenient source for accurate system information and documentation. It reduces the time necessary to research the system’s configuration, makes accurate information available to more personnel, allows for better system knowledge by all, and promotes larger and more efficient collaborative efforts.

SADIE augments existing configuration management systems and processes. It brings to together information from different repositories into a central venue in which the diverse sources can be cross-checked and verified.

SADIE’s emphasis on accurate information, its intuitive hierarchy of system diagram details, and point-and-click navigation lends itself perfectly to training, whether it be within a formal classroom setting or by self-instruction.