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Mission Planning System (MPS)
Omitron can provide a command management solution based on the GOTS MPS software. The MPS allows the mission planner to generate stored command table loads and to manage the content of the tables. MPS has a long and successful heritage from its use on many SMEX and MIDEX missions. The MPS can be customized for new missions without changing the code. Many mission-specific variables can be set via a configuration file.
Key Features
  • Event-based activity scheduling

  • Command constraint checking

  • Load generation

  • ATS and RTS management

  • Configurable parameters

MPS is implemented in C++. If a mission has a unique requirement, MPS's modular design allows it to be enhanced without affecting existing capabilities. Omitron has customized MPS for Swift and GLAST by adding mission-specific processing such as new input event file interfaces, TDRS ephemeris loading, new checksum algorithms, and segmented command generation.

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