Products for Mission Support

Timeline Management Tool (TMT)
TMT is a web-based timeline tool designed for management and planning of ground commanded spacecraft activities during spacecraft mission operations. Some key primary functions include:

  • Stored command planning
  • Mission timeline assembly, maintenance, management, and display
  • Integrated timeline configuration management
  • Generation of error-free ITOS command pages
  • Pass/command tracking

TMT is being used on several missions such as ICESat-2, DSCOVR, JPSS, and Fermi.

 Timeline Management Tool Brochure

System Architecture Diagram Interactive Explorer (SADIE)

SADIE is an interactive web-based system architecture tool that tracks and displays system data flows, configurations, and equipment data in logically connected multi-level diagrams.

SADIE Brochure

Astrodynamics Support Workstation (ASW)

ASW, first adopted as an operational system in 1998, was the first mission system to produce full Special Perturbation (SP) Satellite Catalog and provide full SP Conjunction Assessment (CA) screenings. ASW is the primary operational ground system in the JSpOC providing:

  • First and only AF certified Special Perturbations (SP) space catalog
  • Unique satellite drag modeling
  • Satellite Maneuver Processing
  • Sensor Tasking
  • SP Observation Association
  • Conjunction Assessment (on-orbit, launch, hyperbolic fly-bys)
  • Performance Metrics
  • Ephemerides Generation
  • Reentry assessment support (used for Phobos-Grunt and Brunt Frost)
  • Sensor Calibration
  • AF compliant Training