Timeline Management Tool (TMT)

Satellite/Payload Activity and Timeline Management for Real-Time Mission Operations

The Timeline Management Tool (TMT) is an innovative and efficient solution for safely managing satellite operations. The TMT ensures mission success by facilitating generation, maintenance, and execution of robust mission timelines. The TMT seamlessly integrates with your mission architecture while providing for web-based management of satellite and payload operations activities. Key features include:

  • Mission activity timeline development, control, and tracking
  • Real-time Command planning and T&C command page generation
  • Stored Command activity planning
  • Fully integrated internal change request system
  • Mission event ingest and viewing
  • Timeline validation / constraint checking
  • Pass / activity tracking
  • Web-based GUI
  • Remote user interface via web browser
  • Customizable per mission needs

TMT has successfully supported on-orbit operations for the Fermi, DSCOVR, Raven, and JPSS-01 missions, and has been deployed for mission readiness activities and planned on-orbit commissioning for JPSS-02, STPSat-6, and Landsat-9 missions.

TMT Brochure