Ground Systems for NASA, NOAA, and Air Force

Ground Systems and Mission Operations          

Omitron’s staff of highly-experienced software engineers develop custom applications by integrating a mix of COTS/GOTS and Omitron custom software to create flight-proven solutions for Satellite and Ground System Command & Control, mission planning, and lights-out Operations. Our reference architecture model for Mission Operations Centers (MOCs) allows high reuse tailored solutions designed to reduce lifecycle mission costs.

Systems Development & Integration

We specialize in low cost, highly-automated secure satellite mission operations centers. Omitron provides flight dynamics, mission planning and scheduling, telemetry & Command, automation and monitoring and trending & analysis. Omitron built Mission Operations Centers for Swift, Fermi, DSCOVR, ICESat-2, and the Goddard Satellite Servicing Control Center for the RRM and Raven missions.

Omitron has a long history of successful support to NASA’s Earth and Space Science missions and NOAA’s Environmental and Weather satellite programs.

Flight Proven Mission Operations Centers

  •     NASA Swift
  •     NASA Fermi
  •     NASA ICESat-2
  •     NASA Space Servicing Missions: RRM, Raven, Restore-L

Air Force Space Test Program

Omitron is developing an EGS compatible satellite operations center for the DoD Space Test Program (STP) STPSat-6 spacecraft, a research and development demonstration mission. The mission of STPSat-6 is to provide a space vehicle to operate at a near-geostationary (GEO) orbit over CONUS that will host a total of nine payloads.

Our engineers employ a mix of COTS/GOTS software to create flight-proven solutions for ground systems and were recently tapped to develop an EGS compatible satellite operations center for the DoD STPSat-6 spacecraft. From ground systems to on-orbit operations and every mission phase, choose Omitron to ensure mission success.