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Swift Mission Operations Center (MOC) and Mission Operations Support

Omitron was responsible for the design, development, testing and installation of the operational ground systems for the Swift mission and for conducting the flight operations of the Swift satellite on-orbit. Swift is a NASA satellite with international partners launched November 20, 2004. Swift detects Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRB) and autonomously directs the pointing of X-ray and ultraviolet instruments at the source to determine a more accurate location and gather detailed afterglow observations. This data is quickly communicated to the science community for additional follow-up analysis and observations. Swift also observes pre-planned locations provided by ground commands.

As a Swift team member, we provide Systems Engineering, Ground Systems Development, Testing, Verification and Mission Operations support. Our team draws on its familiarity with science mission needs to provide exceptional support to our customers.

System Engineering and Ground Systems Development

gamma_ray.gif (67140 bytes)Omitron provides the ground system development team for Swift under contract to Penn State University. Our team has the responsibility for developing and implementing a detailed system design for hardware and software applications, as well as the detailed specification of external interfaces, including communication links. The MOC architecture is composed of commercial- and government-off-the-shelf (COTS/GOTS) hardware and software that is tailored for Swift mission support, as well as custom software where the functionality cannot be provided by existing packages. The MOC incorporates automation of spacecraft operations and data processing to permit a small operations team and "lights-out" operation. Science observation planning was included in the design of the Swift MOC. Omitron developed an observation scheduler based on GOTS software and tailored to Swift's unique interleaved pointing capability.

Testing and Verification

As part of its evaluation management role on Swift, Omitron provides a MOC system for installation and testing support at the Goddard Space Flight Center's Integration and Testing facility. Our team supports a comprehensive test program to verify internal system functionality and external interfaces to the mission; ensuring a disciplined, cost effective effort to comply with all mission science requirements. This effort pulls together the diverse Swift team of university, industry and government partners to launch the mission on time and on budget.

Our engineers supported pre-launch mission simulations and exercised and verified all operational procedures, including the pre-launch end-to-end testing with the spacecraft and instruments.

Mission Operations
Omitron led the preparations for mission operations; including simulations, end-to-end testing, and launch management planning. Our engineers operated the spacecraft during the 30-Day Checkout Phase and continued for the science mission; including mission planning, commanding, health and status monitoring, producing and transferring of the quick-look level 0 science data and ground systems maintenance. We support operations through all phases of the mission: pre-launch, launch and early orbit, instrument checkout, and normal operations. In addition, we provide sustaining engineering, trend analyses and anomaly resolution.

Ensure Mission Success
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