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NOAA/NESDIS Network Schematics
Omitron has long provided service for NOAA's national Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service (NESDIS) department. This work has included many disparate tasks. The descriptions below outline the current service tasks.

Ground System Diagrams

Omitron develops and maintains a series of ground station diagrams, including functional data flow diagrams and physical diagrams. They depict the command and telemetry data flow path between the spacecraft and the data users. The physical diagrams depict the physical location of the network equipment and take the form of either floor plans or computer rack elevations. Physical diagrams encompass facilities at NSOF, WCDA, and FCDA.

System Architecture Diagram Interactive Explorer (SADIE)

Omitron developed and maintains a web-based tool that allows NSOF personnel access to ground system diagrams; computer hardware, software, and operating system data; and photographs of the systems. Diagrams displayed within SADIE contain active links that allow users navigate through the diagram hierarchy from the highest level functional flow diagram all the way down to cabling diagrams. The SADIE includes various search features and contains an integrated configuration change request system that allows users to submit requests to update the diagrams.

Satellite Ground System Inventory Information System (SGSIIS)

Omitron developed and maintains the SGSIIS enhancement to the SADIE which allows a subset of the available hardware, software, and operating system data from machines that reside on the isolated mission LANs to be ported to and displayed within the SADIE tool. This enhancement makes use of data derived by the Symantec Altiris software installed on the mission LANs. The data is extracted from internal Altiris database, redacted for use on a less secure LAN, and ported. The SGSIIS also included the development of a server with a specialized installation of Altiris software designed to be moved from network to network.

The server is used to get a hardware and software baseline as well as a security policy compliance validation status for newly delivered computers prior to connecting them to the mission networks. Omitron also provides NOAA with scanning services using this system.

Polar Imaging Display Engineering System (PIDES)

Omitron aided in the procurement, installation, and deployment of the PIDES image data processing system. PIDES is based on the SeaSpace TerraScan software suite.

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