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Hubble Space Telescope (HST): Operations and Servicing Mission Support
Prior to the first servicing mission, Omitron had the lead responsibility for the system engineering, software design, and development effort for the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Vehicle Electrical System Test (VEST) facility. The VEST facility is a multi-component system designed to support checkout of flight and ground system software, test and verify interfaces and functions of flight equipment intended for on-orbit installations, and troubleshoot on-orbit anomalies.

The original software elements of the VEST facility were the POCC Operations Real-time Support (PORTS) and the POCC Applications Software Support (PASS) systems. Our team integrated both systems into the VEST facility. Omitron maintained software systems with varying combinations of PORTS, PASS, databases, and flight catalogs to accommodate a variety of test scenarios. The PORTS system has since been replace by the Vision 2000 Control Center System (CCS), which is used to process, archive, restore, maintain, display, and disseminate telemetry and command data.

Omitron developed software for the Science Instrument Test System (SITS) component of the HST program. The SITS is the test tool is used to support the integration and system level testing of the new generation of HST Science Instruments.

Currently, Omitron supports HST in three key areas: flight operations, flight software testing, and operational ground system integration and testing. We provide real-time support of the Sensor Analysis and Calibration, Data Management, and Instrumentation/Communication systems. The flight software test team from Omitron supports test procedure development and test execution of all HST operational flight software releases, including servicing mission support.

Omitron supports the Hubble Integrated Test Team (HITT), and was responsible for oversight of all operational testing for Servicing Mission 4 (SM-4). In preparation for HST's final mission, Omitron personnel lead operations acceptance testing, Space and Ground Network interface testing, CCS ground system verification, and communication testing with the Space Shuttle and Mission Control Center in Houston. Omitron also plays a vital role in SM-4 support as the lead Ground System Manager (GSM) on-console during the mission. The GSM is responsible for ensuring proper CCS ground system configuration and operation, as well as troubleshooting CCS and SM-4 communication interface anomalies.

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