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Fermi GLAST Mission Support
LaunchThe Omitron team designed, developed and implemented the Fermi/GLAST Mission Operations Center (MOC), located at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, and is responsible for flight operations of the observatory. Fermi/GLAST lifted off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on June 11, 2008, aboard a Delta-IIH rocket, marking the beginning of GLAST's 5-year journey to measure gamma-rays.

The Fermi GLAST MOC contains all of the systems necessary to perform mission planning, flight dynamics, real-time contacts with the spacecraft, processing of the science and engineering telemetry data, data trending, monitoring of the observatory and ground systems configuration, and distribution of data products to the science center and instrument operations centers.

Fermi spacecraftIn addition to MOC hardware and software design and integration, Omitron was responsible for the Fermi/GLAST Operations Concept Development and implementation. Omitron also worked closely with General Dynamics, the spacecraft vendor, in development and testing of spacecraft command procedures and operations procedures. As part of the Mission Readiness Team, Omitron also played key roles in both planning and participating in numerous pre-launch spacecraft tests and operations simulations.

Omitron has also provided System Engineering support for GLAST throughout the mission life cycle, with responsibilities ranging from trade studies and requirements analysis and verification, to real-time mission planning and flight dynamics responsibilities.

Since launch, Omitron has maintained responsibility for MOC computer network and systems management, including software and hardware installation, maintenance of user and network resources, and sustaining engineering of MOC components. Omitron is also responsible for staffing of the MOC and for data analysis and trending.

Sky MapTo complement the MOC design and optimize achievement of mission requirements, Omitron utilized the expertise of their qualified software engineers to develop several custom software solutions for use in the Fermi/GLAST Ground System architecture.

Omitron developed a Timeline Management Tool to plan and manage the real-time command activity timeline. This comprehensive tool provides capabilities for viewing activity details, authorizing and implementing changes to the timeline, and automatically generates command execution pages for use in the real-time command system.

Omitron also produced customized STK code for the MOC flight dynamics and mission planning systems. The Flight Dynamics code has proven to be an invaluable asset for both contact scheduling and attitude maneuver planning within the strict constraints of the GLAST telecommunications and GN&C systems.

Omitron also developed custom software for the GLAST Science Support Center for use in providing science observation timelines to the MOC.

Omitron also increased the functionality of the GLAST MOC through both enhancement of existing software tools and the development of a suite of customized data management and analysis tools for optimizing operations efficiency.

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