Astrodynamics Support Workstation (ASW)

Omitron is the primary developer, maintainer, and operator of the Astrodynamics Support Workstation (ASW). The ASW was first adopted as an operational system in 1998, and was the first mission system to produce full Special Perturbations (SP) Satellite Catalog and provide full SP Conjunction Assessment (CA) screenings.  It is tuned to the unique Space Surveillance Network data attributes and Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) mission requirements. Its state-of-the-art functionality has been validated by Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) and reviewed operationally by the JSpOC and various user agencies (NRO, 50th SW, and NASA). ASW develops and propagates state vectors used operationally for CA for all the Air Force (AF) Supported customers.  The information from ASW is published on to enable owners/operators to take appropriate measures.  CA runs are performed on over 1000 payloads (government, commercial, foreign) to support USSTRATCOM’s SSA sharing arrangement. The CA reports contain time of closest approach, miss distance, and covariance data.

ASW is the primary operational ground system in the JSpOC providing:

  • First and only AF certified Special Perturbations (SP) space catalog
  • Unique satellite drag modeling including Dynamic Calibration of the Atmosphere (DCA)
  • Automatic Satellite Maneuver Processing
  • Radar and Optical Sensor Tasking
  • SP Observation Association
  • SP Conjunction Assessment (on-orbit, launch, hyperbolic fly-bys)
  • Performance Metrics
  • Ephemerides Generation
  • Reentry assessment support (used for Phobos-Grunt, Burnt Frost and others)
  • Radar, RF and optical Sensor Calibration
  • AF compliant Training